Poppy Playtime 2 Chapter Mommy Long Legs

Game description:

Your ordinary life is disrupted by a strange message - the VHS from your colleague who disappeared nearly 10 years ago. To see if he is alive or if this is some kind of prank, you go to your old place of work - a toy factory. All you find there is a plush giant who is alive and wants to kill you. After a long struggle, you manage to trick him by throwing him from a height to the floor. After that, you continue to explore the factory and find a box with a doll inside. It is a huge pink robot with long arms and a kind face that was once the symbol of your company. You open the box and it turns out that the robot is alive. What's more, it is hostile to you and now wants to catch you. Perhaps he is angry that you have disturbed his dream. Or it wants revenge for its friend. Either way, you have to run away from him. But that's only part of your assignment. You still have to find the answers to all the questions and you can't leave until you uncover the mystery of this place.

In order to learn about the past of this place, you have to look for videotapes that will reveal more and more of the secrets of this place. You can find them in different corners of the factory. Some of these places are hard to reach and in order to get to them, you need to solve puzzles. For example, the door to the room may be blocked because there is no power. And you need to find a way to plug in the electricity or repair them. Or you can get there through the vent. But don't forget about the robot - it can move through different passages. Sometimes it can be very fast, and its long arms will get you even from a distance. You can't attack it or even immobilize it for a while - it's much bigger than you, so the only way to escape is to run as fast as you can. Don't forget to use gadgets to make things easier for yourself. For example, a backpack with retractable arms to grab items.