Granny 2 Chapter

Game description:

Where there is Granny, there is… a Grandpa! Are you ready to come back to the most horrible house you have ever seen? Ready or not, here they go – Granny and her husband. They are here to play some game with you. So try to stay alive after you start playing! Their entertainments are pretty strange – they simply through you inside of their house, lock the door, hide the key, and see what you are going to do. Logically, you try to find a key and run away, however, not so fast. This “adorable” old couple won’t let you get out that easily. They will follow you, they will try to catch you and God only knows what they are going to do when you get to their claws.
Do your best and try to survive for five days in Granny’s and Grandpa’s place. They can hear you wherever you are, so try not to make noises. Walk carefully, don’t drop anything, and hide right away if you have made a noise. Remember, you have a couple of seconds only – the old guys will appear in front of you fast as a lightning. Enter one room after another and check all the shelves and tables to find a key. Hopefully, you can manage to do that faster than these monsters catch you. Don’t waste even a second – your time is limited and your life depends on your speed and accuracy.


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