Survival Games

Fight for your life and try to survive no matter what! These amazing survival games will test your skills, endurance, and strength! Be a soldier, warrior, or ordinary person placed in extremal conditions and do your best to overcome everything.

That’s not my Neighbor Full Game


That’s not my Neighbor All Doppelgangers


The Coffin Of Andy And Leyley Chapter 2

There are different types of survival games. One of the most popular genre here is a battle royale. These are the massive fights between numerous players that share a limited space. The game gives you an opportunity to equip yourself with weapons and armor before the battle starts. Then you collide with other players and only the last standing person becomes a winner. Also, there are survivors that require you to stay alive on the distant island, zombie-invaded town, or a battlefield. The idea is to kill your enemies, find yourself some useful items including guns, resources, building materials, and health kits. Most of such games include crafting and creating tasks. What is more, you may become a leader of the survival team and help them all outlive this horror you are all stuck in. The games of this genre are mostly severe – you have to take care of so many things! However, some of them are funny and cartoonish, where you share the field with other players and compete for being a real dominator! Choose the one that fits you better and have fun!

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