Mr. Hopps Playhouse 2

Game description:

Mr. Hopps Playhouse 2 is a horror game that will set you up against an evil toy that comes alive every night. Playing as a little girl, you need to run away from your enemy and look for a weapon that can kill him. You need to be very careful moving around the house because Mr. Hopps hears every noise you make!
The action unfolds at a place where the main heroine lives. Every time Mr. Hopps attacks it's dark and the lights are out because he prefers to be unseen. So you don't have to worry that he will confront you face to face. He will rather be waiting for the right moment and then strike unexpectedly. So you have to stay on your guard and be ready to run away or fend off his strike any minute. But for now, the best thing you can do is try to keep him away for as long as possible. That means moving around very quietly, jumping over the toys scattered on the floor. If you step on one of them and it squeaks, Mr. Hopps will figure out where you are. 
The game can have several alternative endings depending on your actions. Some of them are rather brutal, but others are good for the main heroine. Maybe you'll even be able to turn the evil bunny back into an innocent toy. Anyway, you won't know that for sure until you try all possible ways to dealing with the threat. And that will require you to pull your guts together and prove that you're not easily scared! Explore the building, find out how to defeat Mr. Hopps and save the little girl's life!