Talking Ben Vs Huggy Wuggy in the Poppy Playtime

Game description:

Sometimes, peaceful and friendly characters can get into serious trouble. And this is what recently happened to Talking Ben from a famous online game. This cute dog was just looking for some fun and decided to sneak inside the old toy factory. But unfortunately, he got trapped and faced dozens of evil monsters. There is no way back now, and only you can guide this hero through all dangers and challenges. You will find yourself amidst an insane crowd of toys. Yes, you read it absolutely correctly – toys will become your main enemies. But they are no longer the lovely plush animals you used to know. They have undergone some unknown transformation and now you will see bloodthirsty beasts ready to tear everyone to pieces in no time. How to save Talking Ben from the most terrible outcome? You will have to solve many quests to get some hints. Only logical thinking and determination to find out the truth will help you succeed.
Do not forget that years ago, lots of people disappeared from here forever, and no one could ever explain the reason for this mysterious event. Now the hero can dig out the truth if you lend him a hand and guide through multiple obstacles. The main challenge is Huggy Wuggy! It is a giant toy of blue color. He seems to be smiling and pretends to be your friend. But you should never trust him as his intentions are far from being friendly. His main aim is to come up close enough to you and squeeze you to death. It will be extremely difficult to trick this opponent as he knows every corner in the factory while you will have to explore everything carefully. Luckily, you can equip Ben with the magic backpack that will enable him to reach and study different objects at a distance. Besides, this tool can conduct electricity and you will be able to stun your enemy for a second to run away and gain some time. Do your best to avoid the ventilation shaft as the monster feels at home there. So it will fully depend on your logic and agility whether Talking Ben will defeat Huggy Wuggy. Check your skills in this thrilling game!