Poppy Playtime

Game description:

Poppy Playtime is a puzzle adventure with horror elements, in which you will find yourself in an abandoned toy factory and your main task will be to survive among the local vengeful plush creatures. It’s scary, isn't it?
About the main heroes of the horror
If you consider yourself brave and horror is your favorite genre, then this game is specially created for such daredevils as you. Just look at the appearance of the main "heroes" of the game! Have you ever seen such "cute" dolls that will take your breath away? Dolls are really creepy and ugly in this game. Frozen expressions, big shiny eyes, little arms, and legs seem entirely capable of suddenly getting off the dime. In addition, several dolls can even talk. It's absolutely normal to be worried that a harmless doll is able to talk or do something terrifying. It really gives the screaming willies.
Unravel the mysteries of an abandoned factory
To become the winner in this game, you should be cool at puzzles,brainteasers, and riddles.  Do you love puzzles? We hope yes. Because in this horror game,there is a variety of them. It is required to solve different puzzles, explore the building, and use various mechanics. The latter include grabbing objects from afar and a comfortable backpack. Are you ready to handle all this? Constantly during the passage every now and then there are all sorts of screamers and a terrible-looking creature under the guise of cute toys.
Your task is to uncover all the secrets of a mysterious factory, where extremely vicious animatronic dolls await you, which are looking for someone to have fun with! Welcome to Playtime Company! This abandoned factory was the leader of the world of the toy industry many years ago... until one day all the factory workers disappeared into nowhere. And now, a decade later, you should investigate the factory and capture the truth. Can you handle it? Toys Playtime Co. is a living company! We can mention some of them – Catbee, Bot, Poppy, Huggy, and so on. While you're at the Playtime Co. factory, why not visit some “cute” toys thatmake your blood freeze? As you can see, if you like to tickle your nerves, this game is the perfect option for you! Who knows maybe you even will make some new friends...
How To Play
While playing this game, you can control the process with toy-like hands. This is a specially designed set called the GrabPack. These big hands act as easy-to-use grappling hooks. It is very simple. Just click the mouse and the hand will rush across the room and cling to something.  Then click again and it'll haul it back.
The player can use these hands to pull levers and handles. Moreover, the user can even catch hold of a power supply node and stretch the arm-cords out to complete an electrical circuit. All the more so as it would be useful in a factory that's been closed for years. As can be easily guessed, just turning on the lights and putting the machinery into operation requires some work.
This game is available on PC via Steam.
Explore the mysterious factory but be careful and don't get into a mess!