Amnesia: Rebirth

Game description:

Fear is a subjective notion. And while we can easily be frightened by something spooky and unexpected, we are much more afraid to find ourselves in a really hopeless situation where we don't know what to do and what awaits us. Amnesia: Rebirth deals with this task perfectly. The main heroine lost her memory and is now all alone in the desert. The only information she has for now is that she crashed on a plane, has been lying unconscious for several days and the rest of the survivors are gone somewhere, including her husband. Now her only wish is to find him and make sure she's not on her own in this terrible place.
But that's only the beginning. Going back in your traces, you will walk into a huge cave. It seems to be very old and there are trails of an archeological expedition that was obviously here. What were they looking for? You are going to find out soon! For now, you need to solve puzzles by interacting with various objects, search for hidden passages and make sure you're not caught by any of the monsters that live underground. The story can have several endings depending on your actions.
Although it's a horror game, Amnesia: Rebirth has a strong focus on family and motherhood. It's about how far a person can go in the desire to save their beloved ones andprotect a child. Yes, one more detail - the heroine is pregnant! And that burdens her with a great moral responsibility. The game will even put you in front of a dilemma once: do a terrible thing in a ghostly attempt to save a baby, or just leave. What are you going to choose? Will it help you find your husband and colleagues? And how is it connected to the ancient mystery buried in these sands? Play this thrilling adventure horror and see for yourself!