Mr. Hopp's Playhouse

Game description:

Do you think that soft toys are the less dangerous objects in the world? You will change your mind after playing Mr. Hopp’s Playhouse! In this game, you will find out more about the secrets of the plush toys and you will get really scared. No really, this title is extremely creepy, so if you are ready for a real thrilling adventure in the world of horror and pain, then you can try it. At the beginning, you find out the story – a little girl has a toy rabbit. He looks a bit strange and the girl is scared of him. No wonder, he is ugly and strange with that eyes and teeth of him. So she asks her father to take the toy away from her room before she gets to sleep. He refuses – that quite irrational to fear toys, he thinks. The girl cannot sleep and looks at Mr. Hopps. At some moment, the light turns off and on, and the rabbit disappears. 
During the game, you will have to walk around the house trying not to make a noise – Hopps is somewhere near and you don’t really want to see him closer. He seems dangerous, and right you are. You can meet him accidently in one of the rooms, so try to keep yourself hidden and get ready to run away when the situation becomes too risky. So are you ready? Then good luck and try not to get killed!