Little Nightmares 2

Game description:

Little Nightmares 2 is a gripping horror puzzle game where you have to escape a frightening and dangerous place playing as a little girl. Don't think you can cope with this task just like that! Every segment of this murky world offers a new set of riddles and platforming elements. Sometimes everything is quite simple: you drag a suitcase, find a huge key under it and open the door. And yes, the heroine is incredibly tiny, she can die from simply falling down the stairs! Everything looks enormous next to her allowing you to see usual things in a new light.
As you move further, you have to come up with a solution for a longer and longer time, by trial and error, straining your brains with might and main. There are also enemies here, but direct confrontations won't be that frequent. In most cases, the bloodthirsty monsters politely walk away, leaving you and Six alone with the puzzles. But there are also more difficult levels, where you have to handle the problem on the run or trying not to catch the eye of the local inhabitants. For example, a basement littered with old shoes where someone lives - and this someone is far from friendly.
It is clear that, for the first time, such a trial will only be handled by players that are especially lucky or have prudently familiarized themselves with gameplay tips. Others will have to watch over and over again how the heroine wakes up at a respawn point, and wonder where else to send her. Only the most patient lovers of complex riddles will be able to pass the entire game. But aren't you eager to discover where you actually are and what is happening here? Enjoy the disturbing charm of Little Nightmares 2 and help the poor girl find her way home!