Boris and the Dark Survival

Game description:

Meet Boris, the wolf! He is Bendy’s companion from the comic book. Oh, he used to be his companion, when both of them were drawn characters. But now he is actually Bendy’s target and potential victim. The game is a survival one, so you will have to keep your character Boris alive as long as you can. The idea is simple – you wander around the room and try to find out the mysteries of this studio. Will you manage to stand against a creepy and almost all-mighty demon? In this world, Bendy is godlike – he distorts the map, he can see you wherever you are, and can do whatever he wants. The only thing that seem to interest him is the game. He perceives everything that happens as an entertainment, even though it is pretty bloody! And inky!
Play for Boris and try to find your way out of here before Bendy reaches and kills you. This won’t be easy, because he will hear your every step and see your every movement. Be ready that Bendy can appear at any second right in front of you! Don’t be too noisy, be sure to eat soup on time, and gather the useful items that will help you get through this nightmare! Have fun in the process!


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