Untitled Goose Game

Game description:

Are you ready for something really funny and ridiculous? Jump into this game – here you will find a great deal of absolutely amazing pranking opportunities. You will play for a goose, a white and cute one. From the first glance, this is just an ordinary bird – a simple goose in a yard. However, as you will find out very soon, this guy is a bit misanthropic and he has great sense of humor. A pretty dark humor, we must admit. So the idea of the game is as simple as that: you are goose, there is a village full of people, and you have a lot of jokes to play with them. The goal is to be super-nasty and invent different ways to ruin people’s day. You can steal little boy’s glasses and make him completely blind. You can steal sandwiches and apples from the blanket and people won’t be able to have their beautiful picnic. You will sneak into restaurants and shops terrorizing customers and owners. 
The game will provide you with puzzles that are arranged as pranks. The ideas will work as hints for you, but the full instructions and planning are something you have to come up with yourself. To tell the truth, the process of planning and preparing for a prank is as awesome as the prank itself – you find a victim, think on how to use the existing objects and environment, plan your actions step by step, and then start implementing your evil plan in life. The success will depend on the approach you take, but actually every prank is successful here. Just because it will make you laugh and this is your main aim.