Ice Scream 4: Rods Factory

Game description:

Are you ready to dive into a new horror adventure fighting against the evil ice cream maker who drives around the suburbs freezing children? Then welcome to Ice Scream 4: Rods Factory! In this game, you must show maximum ingenuity and caution in order to avoid all the traps and enemies waiting for you in the factory of the main antagonist.

This time, you were the one fall into the clutches of this maniac, who grabbed you on the street and pushed you into his van. Now you are shaking in the trunk, and the car is flying at full speed to a mysterious location, which is the factory where that very ice cream is produced the kids in your area love so much. But this was your plan all alone, you voluntarily fell on the hook of your enemy, having eaten sweets to such an extent that you became very fat. This is your chance to find out what is happening within the walls of the ice cream man's refuge and free your friends locked in cages.

To do this, you need to spend a lot of time exploring a huge territory, consisting of many compartments, workshops and corridors. The open world allows you to freely move around the locations, choosing the direction of your path at will. As you explore the area, you will encounter many traps and obstacles to overcome. In addition, you will be threatened by numerous enemies, whom the ice cream man put to his service by ordering to guard all the entrances and exits. Fighting them won't be easy, so avoid collisions as much as possible. Focus on finding your friends, and in the process you may also learn some interesting facts from your enemy's past. Perhaps this will help you figure out how best to deal with him. Anyway, it will be a riveting experience! Start your journey through the mysterious ice cream factory right now and enjoy every minute of the gameplay!