Run Of Life

Game description:

Run of Life is a bright and exciting arcade game about an ordinary person who goes through one's life, struggling with the inevitable force of time. Here you have to dodge obstacles and collect various bonuses so as not to age before the finish line, and perhaps even become younger!
We all want to stay forever young. Indeed, in old age, health is no longer the same, and much of what seemed so great when you were a careless teenager full of energy is no longer so attractive. You want to sit quietly at home, watch TV, play dominoes with the same old people and remember the past days moaning and groaning that now everything is much worse. Unfortunately, no one has yet come up with a way to avoid this. But in this game you can stay young as long as you like - the main thing is not to fall into traps and not to forget taking your pills! Your character will run through a series of randomly generated levels. At the beginning they will be pretty easy, but as you progress through the game they will become more difficult, and you will have to try very hard to complete them to the end.
Every trap you fall into will make you older. This can be seen by the age bar above the character's head. It will gradually fill and change color alerting you that it's time to look for a medicine. When the stripe turns red, be careful - you will soon turn from a riotous teen to a series grown man or woman! By the way, you can play as a hero of any gender. So what to do if you are already on the verge of old age? You need to pull yourself together and collect as many vials of medicines as possible that will make you younger. Plus, you can always win a couple more years of youth by spinning the wheel of fortune at the end of the level! Good luck!