Mouse Only Games

Looking for the games with engaging plots and extremely simple gameplay? Well, then mouse only entertainments will surely satisfy you! For your convenience, we have gathered titles that are played without keyboard – just you and your mouse.

L.O.L. Surprise Supermarket

Mouse only games are mostly clickers. This is a genre that encourages you to… click! Yes, everything is that simple. For example, you will find yourself in the room and your task is to distinguish a particular object. Then you should click it to move on! Or else, you might be controlling a character with the help of clicking – he/she will walk or run automatically, but you will help him/her get through the obstacles, jump at the right time, follow the correct directions, etc. Also, mouse only games might be shooters – the faster you react and click your mouse, the more enemies you will kill! Clicking in the mouse games is the key task. In most cases, you will have to do that on time and really fast – this makes such games a bit tricky. However, the only skill you need to master is reaction. When your reflexes are good enough, you can win any battle, run through any track, and get everything you have been looking for. Solve puzzles, get to the required places, keep your character safe just with one movement of your finger. If you value simplicity, clarity, and variety of tasks performed with one method, then this section is absolutely perfect for you. Are you ready to start clicking? Then choose the game and become a mouse champion!