Crash Bandicoot

Game description:

Almost human and yet so bandicoot!

Crash Bandicoot is an arcade that is quite popular among gamers, especially those who used to play it on consoles years ago. When you see this cute red face with a tint of recklessness, you already know who is in front of you. And you can be sure that you are setting out on a riveting adventure that will make your day! Even more, in this game you don't need to seek adventures, they will find you on their own. Today you will take part in the most incrediblerace through a variety of spectacular locations together with acharming animalfrom Australia. It was here that Dr. Neo Cortex began to conduct experiments on the poor character. Why he did it remains a mystery, but there is apparently a very bad agendabehind it. As soon as the evil genius makes Crash human (or rather, tries to humanize him), our hero escapes from the laboratory and hits the road trying to get away from his captor.

Run, jump, collect bonuses!

During this crazyrun, he will have to work a lot on his skills, because you will fight in the name of good, so that no one and nothing can harm humanity. There will be plenty of levels for your to overcome, and they will be packed with all kinds of obstacles and traps. However, you'll also come across various bonuses that will come in handy to boost your abilities. Just keepmoving forward and collect all the fruits you see on the way. As the game progresses, you will encounter a lot of enemies that will try to stop you. Don't let them do that and demonstrate your agility dodging their attacks. On your path, you'll also see boxes that can be broken to collect the boosters that will fall out of them. However, some of the crates might turn out to contain dynamite instead. Be careful and vigilant, because everything comes at a price, especially touching the explosive. If you do everything right, you will be able to complete the level with a maximum number of points and maybe even get some extra lives for your efforts. Dr. Neo Cortex won't be able to keep up with you and you will successful avoid his grip. Maybe you'll even to be able to ruin his wicked plans in the process!