Fall Guys

Game description:

Welcome to a colorful virtual city inhabited by strange-looking creatures! They look like little people made of marmalade and they can't sit still. Because of their active nature, they constantly need to stay on the move and that's why they organize exciting and fun competitions among each other. Fall Guys invites you to participate in them and see if your reflexes are good enough to overcome all the obstacles!
Before the contest begins, you will be given a character that you can later customize. There are plenty of decorative items, outfits and color schemes to make yourself stand out. For example, you could dress your little man in an owl costume. All this is earned for victories in the matches and receiving levels.
What are you going to do when you are fully dressed and ready to enter the fight? You'll enter a random map with a series of obstacles and traps that you need to dodge successfully in your race for the main reward. Remember that there are 60 other people eager to do the same, so you can't afford to lag behind! The rules are simple: you keep running until you fall. After that, you can respawn at one of the checkpoints and continue the race. But even if you die several times, that doesn't mean you still can't win. The course of the competition is unpredictable and you can suddenly burst into the avant-guard!
On some maps, there are also additional conditions - for example, you need to collect a certain number of eggs or jump through hoops hanging in the air. There is even a sort of football that you can play in teams. In other words, the array of entertainments is simply stunning and their choice for another round is randomized. That brings in a lot of diversity and thrill. So if you lack keen emotions, want to blow off steam or simply improve your mood, Fall Guys is a perfect choice for you today!