Baldi’s Basics New Teacher

Game description:

Welcome to the most horrible school you have ever seen! If you remember Baldi (we bet that you do, it is impossible to forget this guy), then get ready to appear in his classroom once again! But wait a minute, who is this new guy at the blackboard? Oh, this is your new teacher, he is a friend of Baldi and a crazy mathematician as well. Now you are going to play with him. He has the same habits as your “most favorite” educator does – he gives you strange tasks to accomplish and tries to kill you when you fail to do that. Unfortunately, it is impossible to avoid his wrath – all of his tasks are impossible to accomplish and you know that. He doesn’t really care about this, so watch out!
 The long and gloomy corridors of the school are welcoming you one more time. Again, you have a limited period of time to deal with all the puzzles presented by a violent teacher. Avoid meeting him in a class or anywhere else – this will end badly for you. Run, hide, and save your life in any way you can. This is a deadly chase where your chance to get out are not that big, but still you have a hope! Do your best and stand against the mad teacher to save your life! This cool and creepy game is in free access, so launch it right now and enjoy.