Friday Night Funkin Vs Bunzo Bunny

Game description:

The game is about a man who has to take part in a musical duel with a monster that looks like a huge plush rabbit. The main character once worked in a toy factory. One day, all of its employees disappeared. Wanting to solve the mystery of the place, the player goes there and does not find people. Instead, he discovers a huge plush rabbit, which turns out to be a monster. He is not very happy with new visitors, so he challenges the player to a duel. They will not fight with their fists, but by singing. That is the only way to survive so the player agrees. The game has several songs that can be sung - the player can choose any of them. Additionally, the player can choose the difficulty level - easy, normal, or difficult. They influence the speed of the. game. After that, the duel begins. Arrows will appear on the screen, which the player must press on his keyboard. They should be pressed not early and not late but in time. Mistakes in the game are allowed, but they should not be too many, otherwise, the player will lose. The duel lasts about two-three minutes, players take turns singing. If the main player loses, the plush rabbit will attack him. If the player wins, he can run away from the rabbit and survive.