FNF Vs Bunzo Bunny Mommy Long Legs

Game description:

The game tells the story of a musical battle between two mysterious monsters who look like toys and a man. They meet the main character and call him for a duel. And they do it for a reason. Once upon a time, he worked at the toy station, which closed after the mysterious disappearance of all the employees. After a while, the player receives a package from one of the missing workers. The package contained a videotape from the factory. So the main character decides to find out what is going on and goes to the factory. There he finds nothing but a huge monster that looks like a doll. The monster was sleeping in a toy box, and the main character woke him up and now he has to run away and save his life. Still, the monster catches him and offers to fight in a musical duel. The player needs to press the arrow buttons in the correct order to sing. The correct order will be shown on the screen. If he makes a mistake, it moves him away from winning. The fight lasts two or three minutes.