Creepy Tale

Game description:

Something really bad has happened to this wood. You knew it from your childhood years, but at some moment, everything changed radically. This time, when you and your brother decided to go to the familiar and calm forest one more time, you found a creepy and unknown place. It is hard to recognize this wood now! It used to be green and cheerful, but now it is so gloomy and dark! However, this is not a big a deal, you have more complicated problems – you were walking on a well-known path and then your bro has disappeared somewhere in the darkness. Now you are all alone here and you have no idea whether he is alive! During the game, you will have to make a long and complicated journey through a nightmarish fairy-tale, find a way to get out, solve various puzzles, and deal with numerous enemies that will pop up here and there. Death and danger are waiting for you on every step, so be careful and mindful!


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