Stump Me

Game description:

Puzzles are great. If you do agree that the best puzzles are those that make you think harder and invent new ways to deal with tasks, well, then we can claim with assurance – Stump Me is a game you have been looking for. This one is a perfect puzzle collection aimed at making you to invent new ways of solution-seeking. The puzzles can seem pretty obvious from the first glance and game will trick you this way for a hundred of times. Be ready that every time you are assured that a solution can be found in seconds, chances are that you are extremely wrong and everything that you do is not the way the game expects you to act. Start your journey through the world of creativity and logic, expand your horizons, and have fun! The trickiest and funniest title in your life is the one we have provided on this page. Launch it right now and feel yourself a master of puzzles.


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