Lunch Lady

Game description:

Lunch Lady is a thrilling horror game that you can enjoy in the company of your friends! The gameplay supports up to four players simultaneously. You need to act as a tandem to avoid your sworn enemy - the Lunch Lady who is prowling the school grounds looking for those who break the rules. Your task is to find ten notebooks and get out of the campus before she catches you!

The time of exams is approaching. And everyone is already on edge. How can you possibly ace the test when you haven't been studying for a whole year? It's impossible to cram all the knowledge into your head in a matter of days. So you and your friends dare to take a bold step - you come up with a plan to sneak into the school after the classes are over and simply steal the answers. But what seemed to be a riveting adventure at first turned out to be a mortally dangerous quest! When you got it to the campus, you discovered the you weren't alone in the building. The Lunch Lady was on guard, keeping her eye on the school halls. To avoid her grip, you need to be as careful and quiet as possible!

Your mission will be complete after you collect ten sheets of paper that are scattered somewhere around the campus. But that won't be easy since the school is big and they can be just about anywhere. You have to meticulously check every corner of the building. You won't be able to go home until you get hold of all the answers! And all this time the Lunch Lady will be lurking nearby, listening out and waiting for a chance to strike. And you definitely won't be happy to find out what she is capable of… Get away from her as fast as you can and unite forces with your playmates to make sure none of you gets hurt! This is going to be a riveting horror experience that will send shivers down your spine as you pursue your dangerous quest!