Raft Chapter 2

Game description:

The hero of this game is in a terrible situation. He suffered a shipwreck and is now stranded at sea with nothing but a leaky raft to rely on. Don't wait until storms and sharks finish you off, do everything in your power to survive and even thrive! You have a hook in your hand - use it to fish out materials and items floating by. In the crafting menu, you can make all sorts of useful stuff from them. For instance, tools to do your work better and weapons to protect yourself from the hungry underwater predators. From time to time, you will also come across new blueprints that will allow you make quite complicated things - say, a radio receiver to navigate at will. And nobody canceled the necessity to sleep on something else than bare boards!
Gradually, your raft will be overgrown with all kinds of furniture, and you will settle down just as well as in a city apartment. Of course, you won't have silk sheets, soft pillows, and a TV. But on the other hand, you can enjoy the unity with nature and endless views of the wondrous ocean. And not everyone has such an opportunity! Over time, you can even add a second floor to your raft and plant a couple of palm trees. The scope for improvement is practically unlimited. And who knows, maybe one day you'll see the land on the horizon and finally set foot on the firm ground again. Build your own paradise on the water, equipping it with everything you need for a comfortable, carefree, and most importantly, happy life!