The Henry Stickmin Collection

Game description:

Remember the movie "The Butterfly Effect"? There, the hero could return to key moments of his past in order to make other choices and thus change the course of events. Surprisingly, sometimes little things can affect our whole life. You will see this clearly after playing The Henry Stickmin Collection! After all, the main thing that moves the plot here is the player's choice. If you do it right, the story will continue, and if not, the consequences will not be long in coming. Do you want to know what awaits you next? Then hit the road with Henry now!
What is the game about? This is a collection of hand-drawn scenes in which the hero finds himself in different situations. The atmosphere builds up gradually and at the moment, when it seems that you are doomed, a special window opens and the question pops up: "What to do next?" Choose one of the proposed options and see where it leads! You will observe the consequences immediately on your screen. And you won't always like them!
How do you know that this particular choice will be optimal? There are no algorithms for this. Just your own opinion. Perhaps someone will think it is better to behave one way, and someone - that it is necessary to act completely differently. This, as they say, is a personal matter for everyone. But you can find out for sure only by playing The Henry Stickmin Collection online! Complete all the challenges, check all the options for every event and find out what other alternative endings this game has!