Animal Crossing

Game description:

Welcome to a bounty place – Animal Crossing, a cute town where human-like animals will accept you as their leader! You are here to decide everything – from the way your own room looks like, to the way the entire city is operating! As the only human being in this city, you will rule it and organize its everyday life, from your own activities to big holidays, parties, the city hymn, and the catch phrases of the citizens. One of the main feature every game of the series includes is the necessity to gather objects from different locations of the city – you are welcome to investigate the places all around, gathering different things, including fruits right from the trees, cockle-shell, and even trash. Almost everything you gather here can be sold for the in-game cash and you will surely gain a lot of money! This money can be used to buy clothes, furniture for your house, and even business investments. Also, you can get various fossils that can be sold to the local museums.
The gamer has opportunities to communicate with the animals, talking to them, writing letter letters, completing their tasks, exchanging things, buying goods from them, and even playing hide and seek. The dwellers can come to the city and leave it whenever they want. They are pretty independent from your actions, still you are welcome to communicate and cooperate with them any way you want! The game is truly bright and amazing, so try now!


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