Camera Feed

Game description:

In Camera Feed, players find themselves in the role of a night guard tasked with securing an old warehouse that has recently been put back into operation. The protagonist, swayed by a friend's convincing offer of quick, well-paying work, is soon plunged into an environment far more daunting than anticipated. The job at hand: to monitor a bank of grainy, flickering camera feeds that reveal the dimly lit interiors of the warehouse.

Unraveling Mysteries After Dark 

As the night progresses in Camera Feed, the simplicity of watching over empty aisles and quiet storage rooms quickly evaporates. The players must keep their eyes glued to the screens, where the static-filled images from the outdated VHS-style cameras begin to hint at disturbances that are electronic glitches. Navigating through the eerie silence and sudden noises, the player's initial task of mere surveillance escalates into a gripping need to uncover the truth behind the warehouse's sudden reactivation. With each shift lasting between 5 to 10 minutes, players are thrust into a condensed, intense experience where their skills in observation and crisis management are put to the ultimate test.


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