FNAF Maker

Game description:

FNAF Maker: Crafting Your Nightmares 

How to Play

FNAF Maker empowers players to step into the shoes of a game developer, allowing them to construct their own version of the iconic Five Nights at Freddy's horror experience. This unique game creation tool offers a user-friendly interface where players can design levels, program animatronic behavior, and set up surveillance systems, all without the need for advanced coding knowledge. Here’s a quick guide to navigating the controls and features: · Designing Rooms: Click and drag to sketch out the layout of your pizzeria, placing rooms and corridors. · Placing Cameras: Select camera icons from the menu and position them strategically throughout your map to keep an eye on animatronics. · Programming Animatronics: Access the animatronic menu to customize their paths, behaviors, and scare tactics. · Setting Up Jumpscares: Choose from a variety of terrifying animations to surprise your players. · Testing Your Game: Hit the play button to experience the horror from a player's perspective, ensuring everything functions as intended. · Sharing Your Creation: Once satisfied, share your custom FNAF game with the community and challenge others to survive the night.

FNAF Maker provides a comprehensive set of tools for creating a fully functional Five Nights at Freddy's game, inviting fans of the series to unleash their creativity and bring their own terrifying visions to life.


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