I'm on Observation Duty 4

Game description:

Looking for a game with the unusual plot? I’m in observation duty 4 is exactly what you need.  What is it about? Everything sounds pretty simple – you will have to control certain premises full of rooms for anomalies. How is that? You will be sitting in front of surveillance cameras that will allow you to see what is going on in different locations in real-time. You should remember well the original setup of all the things in each area, including even colors and furniture placement. And once you notice that something has changed – an extra object appears, or some item was displaced or disappeared, you should immediately fix it! Even the seemingly unimportant change should not be ignored. For it, you must submit a special report, in which you provide details of the spotted anomaly. The atmosphere is really gloomy as you are watching the rooms in the complete darkness. Sometimes, you will feel goosebumps down your back once the camera records a strange silhouette. But you should not miss even the slightest detail, be it a shadow or just a misplaced chair. Everything matters! Moreover, sometimes you can spot even some creatures who dared to intrude the place. Sounds scary, right? During the task, you should not be distracted even for a minute and check all the rooms in time. It is important not to miss a single detail. If you don't send enough reports, you will lose. Are you brave and attentive enough? Join this thrilling game right now to check your agility. Try to hold out till the morning, and it will be a real challenge!