Garten of Banban

Game description:

Despite the recent release, the horror-style game has become one of the sensational and popular entertainment on the network. Some gamers find it similar to the famous Poppy Playtime. Now you also have to figure out whether the new character Banban will be able to resist the qualities of similar heroes.
Simple controls and a rather interesting plot with an equally intriguing ending, colorful characters and a whole load of difficult puzzles - what can you think of cooler for an amazing adventure?
How long have you been in kindergarten? Already now you can go to the children's institution to be the first to unravel the mystery of the disappearance of its pupils. In the course of exploring abandoned rooms, where the laughter of children and the stern voice of educators once sounded, you have to quickly solve complex puzzles and puzzles. Some of them will be very easy, and to solve others you will have to use all your ingenuity and logic.
What will help you win?
Hints will help you pass a series of difficult tests, so carefully study every corner of the kindergarten. A small drone will help you with this, which will easily penetrate even the most inaccessible places.
Collect talismans that will help you survive and prepare to meet the main character of the game.
The place is bright and mysterious, perfectly combines bright cartoon inserts with a survival game. Your whole adventure will take place in a dark and creepy atmosphere of a real thriller with a deep plot.