Garten Of Banban Games

What is this eerie place? Behold, for you're stepping into an abandoned kindergarten with a seriously creepy reputation. Rumors have been spreading like wildfire about a supernatural force lurking within its walls. Are you brave enough to walk inside and uncover the truth?
Explore and solve puzzles!

Picture a decrepit and dimly lit building, filled with mystery and secrets. As you cautiously step over the porch, the creaking floors and flickering lights send shivers down your spine. You have to explore every nook and cranny, open doors that haven't been touched in ages, and uncover the hidden truths that lie within. In this thrilling adventure, you'll stumble upon various items scattered throughout the kindergarten. Keep your eyes peeled for keys, notes, and strange artifacts that hold the key to unlocking the puzzles that await you. It's a game of wits and clever thinking as you use your acquired items to solve mind-bending riddles and unravel the mysteries that surround you.

Beware of evil toys!

And you'll have a trusty companion by your side—a nimble little drone! This marvelous contraption will help you reach those remote and hard-to-access places, allowing you to uncover hidden passages and secrets that the human eye could never see. But be warned! Evil toys roam the halls of this abandoned kindergarten, just waiting to hunt you down. Stay on your toes and outsmart these wicked playthings if you want to survive this hair-raising adventure!

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