Rinse And Repeat

Game description:

Rinse And Repeat captures the unsettling feeling of vulnerability associated with closing one’s eyes in the shower, a moment when imagination often wanders to the eerie and unknown. This game, designed with a retro, PS1-style visual flair, quickly immerses players in an atmosphere filled with tension and suspense. The concept was developed rapidly over a few days, with additional time for tweaking and perfecting the user experience. As players step into the role of an individual unwinding with a routine shower, they are thrust into a sequence of events that blend the mundane with the terrifying. A simple noise, perhaps a dropped item or a creak in the pipes, sets the stage for a gripping horror scenario that unfolds in mere minutes.

Game Dynamics and Player Engagement 

The game’s duration is intentionally short, designed to be completed in 5 to 10 minutes, yet it boasts a surprising depth with seven distinct endings based on the player's decisions throughout the game. This structure encourages multiple playthroughs and adds a significant replay value as players explore the various ways their actions influence the outcome. Rinse And Repeat is further enhanced by its interactive elements—subtitles detail every interaction, and special events may occur when the game is played at certain times, adding a unique twist that aligns with the real world’s clock. The control system is straightforward, employing classic first-person mechanics with WASD for movement and the left mouse button for interactions, making it easy for players to navigate through the suspenseful environment while maintaining a focus on the unfolding narrative.


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