Game description:

Introducing KinitoPET 

KinitoPET immerses players in a psychological horror experience, distinguished by the presence of a virtual assistant named Kinito, a product of the 2000s. This game is built around the concept of an adaptive technology that crafts a virtual entity capable of evolving uniquely for each player, presenting a novel approach to digital companionship.

Gameplay Mechanics 

Players interact with their virtual friend Kinito, navigating through a variety of tasks and dialogues. The adaptive nature of Kinito ensures a dynamic relationship, with the assistant's behavior and responses shifting based on the player's actions and choices. This mechanic underscores the game's emphasis on the evolving bond between the player and Kinito, set against a narrative that weaves elements of intrigue and suspense.

Core Features 

KinitoPET centers on the interaction with a virtual assistant, leveraging adaptive technology to create a personalized gameplay experience. The game invites players to engage in diverse activities, from conversation to exploration, within a framework that emphasizes psychological depth. This design choice highlights the innovative approach to creating a compelling narrative that evolves with the player, offering a fresh take on the concept of a digital companion in a gaming context.


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