That’s not my Neighbor Full Game

Game description:

In the game of That's Not My Neighbor, developed by the imaginative Nacho Sama and showcased on, players are thrust into a world painted with the distinctive palette of an alternate late 20th century. Here, the game unfolds an unexpected role for you: a vigilant doorman on high alert for doppelgangers masquerading as innocuous neighbors. This simulation teeters on the edge of the mundane and the supernatural, compelling players to discern truth from deception in a seemingly ordinary setting.


Your mission in this game extends beyond mere observation. As the doorman, your responsibility is to sift through the masquerade, identifying the genuine from the counterfeit. The stakes are high; a misstep not only jeopardizes your safety but also risks the sanctity of the dwelling you guard. The game's narrative is a tightrope walk over the chasm of paranoia, where doppelgangers with near-perfect mimicry attempt to infiltrate, blurring the lines between friend and foe.

Mastering the Art of Detection: 

· Documentation and verification: Meticulously review documents and use the provided resources to confirm identities, keeping an eye out for any discrepancies.
· Decision-making under pressure: Employ the emergency protocol in case of a confirmed threat, effectively containing potential breaches without alarming the unsuspecting residents.
· Communication is crucial: Utilize the internal communication system to report observations and seek further instructions, ensuring a collaborative effort in maintaining security.


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