The Amazing Digital Circus Pilot

Game description:

This is a real circus! From the first minutes of acquaintance with this project, you may have an irresistible desire to go to a therapist, because such madness is definitely not for the faint of heart! What, are you saying that you love everything extraordinary? Then welcome to the world where you are met by a hero with a false jaw instead of a head. There are too many main characters to introduce you to every colorful personality. You'd better see it with your own eyes! Getting into this reality, you will have to be a participant in a crazy circus show. Will it be evening or agonizing for you? We'll find out later! This is only the first part, more to come! Here our heroine is just beginning to realize where she has come to. Now she has a new body and a new home, but she is not ready for it at all. What happens next? Heroes Meet other characters such as a girl with a button instead of an eye, a jester trying to curse, a bunch of random objects assembled into one "person", etc. Just looking at this alone would make you cringe, but the plot would make it better! The characters' injuries, absurdity and jokes will make you remember this colorful unconventional project forever! Don't hesitate and drown in insane pleasure!


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