Multiplayer Games

Are you fond of massive game process, where you and other gamers compete, cooperate, and do stuff together? Of course, you do! Multiplayers are awesome, because they provide incredible interaction with real people, who are always less predictable than computer bots. As such, you can never predict how the process will go. So multiplayers are mostly competitions: you and other gamers are located on one map and the task is to defeat everyone, because all of them are your enemies now.

1v1.LOL - Battle Royale Game


Human: Fall Flat Multiplayer

The most famous subgenre here is battle royale. You and other members appear on the location. As a rule, you don’t have any weapons from the start and limited amount of time to find them and start fighting. Your mission is nothing but to stay alive! Some battle royale titles have additional devices and even vehicles to make the gameplay more variable. The cooperative multiplayers usually include an element of competition as well. As a rule, you and your friends or people from a server unite in a team and you defend your base, capture the flag, or struggle with the opposing team. Still other multiplayers allow you to investigate the open world territories, build constructions, trade, communicate, etc. We have a plenty of various multiplayers, so you are welcome to check this huge list and have fun!

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