Granny Horror Games

What are those strange noises coming from the upstairs? This is Granny! And you are captured, so get ready for a challenge! Granny games will bring you into her locked house, and you have a couple of days to leave it. Will you manage to do that?

Granny Hidden Skull Shadows


Creepy Granny Scream: Scary Freddy

The games about an old crazy lady are extremely popular among the horror fans. The first thing that attracts them is the atmosphere – you are inside of the dull, dark, and old house without an idea how did you get there. The problem is that this mansion belongs to an old woman and she is absolutely crazy. Granny keeps you inside and she knows that you are there. Any time you make the slightest noise, she chases after you! We recommend you to hide after you make a sound before you realize that she is running – you have a couple of seconds to save your life and there is no time for thinking. Hide under the bed, get into a wardrobe, or any other niche you find in a room. While Granny is so old, she has incredible senses and her ears hear perfectly. What is more, her legs run faster than yours, even though she is a thousand years old! Such an enemy is impossible to beat, so everything that is left is just hiding and trying not to appear in front of her eyes, which means… death! The time is limited, so find the keys and get out of the house as fast as you can. The game includes puzzles that lead you to the aim – getting out of the house. Try to be quiet, sneaky, and attentive. When standing against the hellish evil, you need to turn your intellect on!