Basics in Behavior

Game description:

Basics in Behavior stands out as a dramatic entry in the Fundamental Paper Education series, presenting a gripping animated music video that delves into the harsh realities of school dynamics. Through the haunting melody provided by The Living Tombstone, the video brings to life the daily struggles of Claire, a student beleaguered by the aggressive behaviors of her peers and the extreme disciplinary actions of her teachers. The narrative weaves through her experiences, illustrating how bullying from classmates like Edward, Zip, and Oliver escalates into more sinister events, encapsulating the intense emotional and physical challenges she faces within the educational setting.

Escalation and Survival in a Hostile School Environment 

The animation intensifies as Claire's school day spirals out of control, starting with the academic failure of her classmate, Abbie, which triggers a violent reaction from Miss Circle, a teacher who enforces discipline through fear. As Claire witnesses this brutality, her own ordeal worsens when she becomes the target of a calculated attack that sees her dropped into a pit by a drone, a dramatic representation of her social alienation and mental anguish. The chase that follows is a vivid portrayal of her attempt to navigate through a hostile school environment, symbolically running through corridors that morph from mere passageways into a labyrinth of terror and confusion. Her flight leads to an accidental discovery of the gruesome fate of her classmates and a terrifying encounter in Alice's room, a climax that shifts the narrative from grim reality to surreal horror, challenging the viewer's perception of the line between allegory and actuality in school-related trauma.


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