Game description:

FPE (Fundamental Paper Education) immerses players in the precarious and animated world of Paper School, a setting where everyday academic life is fraught with peril and challenge. The game leverages a unique paper-style animation that vividly brings to life its characters and settings, offering a visually distinctive approach to the education-themed gaming genre. Players take on the role of students navigating a series of academic and environmental challenges, where the consequences of failure are dramatically heightened by the game’s suspenseful atmosphere. Each classroom offers a unique set of risks, from the complex math equations of Miss Circle’s room to the intricate language puzzles in Miss Thavel’s English class, all designed to test the player’s wit and reflexes.

Survival Through Strategy and Knowledge 

In FPE, the survival of the characters hinges on more than just academic success; it involves cunningly navigating through the school’s dangerous corridors and classrooms. Players must strategically manage their routes and decisions to avoid various threats posed by the faculty and the school environment itself. The game emphasizes intellectual engagement over physical combat, focusing on evasion and problem-solving to advance through levels. The interaction with teachers and the school layout requires players to think critically, making every step a calculated move to ensure their survival and academic advancement.


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