Roblox Piggy

Game description:

It is hard to say what is really happening in this Roblox horror, but you won’t have too much time to think. The game is a creepy horror where you are locked in a building alone with two killing monsters. They are the Piggies that will surely remind you the animatronics from famous game called FNaF. However, there are no hints that will tell you who they are for real! There are many theories from fans about the origin of these creatures. Some say they are ghosts, the others claim that they are angels of death who come to earth in order to punish sinners. The only thing you will know for sure is the fact that some man was here before and then he died. You don’t know how exactly you are connected with the story and why you are here, which adds another anxious moment to the game and makes the playing process even more thrilling. Have fun and try not to die!