For Boys Games

Shooting, racing, adventures, parkour and so much more games for boys are waiting for you in this section! We know what makes you thrilled – tough guys with guns, monsters, cool weapons, cars, and other incredible stuff! Guess what, we have gathered all the titles that feature these elements to create the largest and most diverse collection for boys.
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FRC (Fancade Rally Championship)


Adventure Kitty: Drill Buster


Ultimate Maze! Collect Them All!

So, whether you want to kill zombies, who are trying to eat your brain, or kill the aliens, who are trying to occupy the planet – get ready that you will have a plenty of these adventures now. Or maybe you are fond of something even more energetic and want to get your blood chilled with horror titles? Some of them will bring you in a locked house alone with a monster, the other will leave you no choice but to oppose horrible crazy maniacs.
What about getting behind the wheel and racing across the streets? Speed is something all boys really like. By the way, we also have driving titles that feature something more than great cars! There are titles, where you will take part in gun fights and robberies in addition to driving. So what are you waiting for? Check all the amazing entertainments we have uploaded personally for you! All of them are free to play. No need to download – just launch one and enjoy.