Bendy and The Ink Machine Games

A story oA story of embittered creations turning against the one who made them is not new. And that's exactly what you'll be dealing with playing Bendy and The Ink Machine! In this game, you'll meet Bendy, a cartoon character who got infuriated with the artists that once drew him and then left the studio, and wants to avenge years of abandonment. Playing as that very artist, you'll have to escape the studio and your own death!

Bendy And The Ink Machine 2


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What happened at the cartoon studio?

It used to be a thriving company producing cartoons loved all over the country. All thanks to the talented animator who used to work there. Unfortunately, he left his job. Years have passed, and he decided to visit the studio once again and see how things were going there. To his surprise, he didn't find any of his former co-workers. He didn't find anyone at all. Wandering around an empty building and mindlessly looking through any kind of papers and records he could reach, he found out what happened.

Investigate the mystery of the ink machine and don't fall into the hands of Bendy!

It turns out the studio's director got interested in all kinds of occult practices and his interest had gone a bit too far. After one of his rituals, the ink machine came to life, but what it was printing was nothing like the cute friendly cartoons the main hero once created. These versions of them were evil and that's what led to the downfall of the studio. Now there are only Bendy and his friends roaming its empty halls and rooms. Your task is to escape this creepy place where you were lured by Bendy, and that will include a lot of exploration, object searching and puzzle solving. This is going to be very dangerous since the evil cartoon characters will be picking a moment to attack you, and you have to always stay on your guard to avoid a painful death. Eerie atmosphere, stylish and spooky visuals in the style of the old cartoons you surely remember from your childhood and intriguing story will surely keep you playing Bendy and The Ink Machine for hours!

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