Friday Night Funkin Indie Cross Full Week

Game description:

The FNF developers always come with fresh ideas to keep the popularity of the project on the high level. As a result, they create lots of thrilling mods, adding new interesting stories and personages to the series. Sometimes, the authors even combine different games and offer amazing crossovers between popular online games. This time, you will be able to see a new type of crossover, in which you will face several heroes from indie universes. Are you ready for such a challenge? First of all, let’s see who will we meet now. You surely know these opponents very well. These are Cuphead from the Studio MDHR’s platform, legendary Bendy from The Ink Machine, and Sans from iconic Untertale. All of them are strong enough to dance better than the main hero. And your task is to prevent it. You know well that Boyfriend cannot refuse from the new battles. Daddy Dearest keeps an eye on the hero, and as soon as he loses the competition, he will also lose the right to date lovely Girlfriend. So he needs to tread every duel more than carefully. There are three separate fights in this mod and three catching soundtracks. You will dance to Snake Eyes with Cuphead and to Sansational with Sans. It is going to be a challenge to follow the rhythm of these dynamic songs. Do not leave Boyfriend on his own – he needs support. So accompany him to the musical arena to coordinate his moves. Focus on the rhythm and the arrows on the screen. Hit relevant symbols to match every beat of the music. Do not forget you need to be not only precise but also fast in your decisions and actions. Do everything you can to allow Boyfriend to outperform all new opponents! Help the hero become the ultimate winner again!


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