Pancake Run

Game description:

If you love simple and unpretentious arcades, welcome to Pancake Run! In this game you'll be controlling a stack of pancakes moving along the kitchen table. You have to make it bigger and bigger by gathering more pancakes scattered around the level, but at the same time you need to beware of hungry mouths trying to snatch a bite of your meal!

If you ever were in a restaurant on a particularly busy day, you must have seen the staff carrying handfuls of plates with various food. And you definitely saw someone hurrying somewhere with a huge pile of pancakes that miraculously stay on the dish although it seems they can crash to the floor any moment. Dealing with a stack of pancakes like this takes a lot of practice and good reflexes. And if you always envied this ability, you can learn to do it playing this great game!

Here you won't have to put on a waiter's uniform and carry a plateful of desserts, though. Instead, it will be sliding automatically down a very long table and you have to control it moving right and left and making sure you don't hit any of the obstacles placed in your path. On your way, you will see more pancakes stacked in smaller piles that can be added to your pile to make it even higher. The taller your pancake tower when you reach the end of the level the more points you will get. Your final score also depends on other ingredients you'll be picking up in the process. For instance, you can add a bunch of fruits or some super tasty topping to your dish. Now it looks truly yummy!

However, you must at all costs avoid rows of widely open mouths waiting for you on your route. It won't be always possible to completely dodge them, but you can choose the smallest one and thus lose just a few pancakes as opposed to a whole plate. There will be also other hurdles you have to maneuver between, and you won't be able to stop and back down, so you must pick your way on the go. With every new level, your task will become more and more challenging, so don't relax even if you passed the first several ones with ease! Play Pancake Run online, see how good your reaction is and deliver as many pancakes as you can to the finish line!