Action Games

Are you ready for real challenges? Then jump into our sections of cool action games! All of them will make you excited. Be ready to demonstrate your reaction, coordination, and decision making skills! Fighting, shooting, and beating your rivals are the most entertaining things you can imagine.

State of Survival: Zombie War


Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

Action is a wide genre. It includes numerous types of games, like shooters, adventures, and struggles. There are titles for one, two, and numerous players here. You will accept the challenge and try to get through serious difficulties, be it a battle royale or a one-on-one struggle. You will become a hero, soldier, warrior or other fantastic character, who passes the levels, collects items, tries to avoid obstacles, fights the enemies, and improving his skills in the process. Usually, there are numerous weapons and defense elements to gather and they will improve your natural abilities and characteristics. In most games, you will meet the main enemy called boss. This is the most powerful antagonist, not that easy to kill. Track your health bar, get some cool tools and guns, and try to defeat them all. These games are usually plot-oriented and have interesting stories behind the actions.