Sakura School Simulator

Game description:

Those adoring anime will be happy to play Sakura School Simulator! Here you will become one of the teens going to the local school where you'll have to study various subjects, meet your classmates, make fiends and have fights. The outcome of every day will depend on your decisions!
There are four playable characters in the game. You can choose any of them and change their appearance according to your tastes. It's possible to alter the color of hair and eyes, hairstyle and even clothes. When you're ready, you can start exploring the town of Sakura where there are plenty of surprises and adventures waiting for you! First of all, it makes sense to get familiar with your own street you live at. You can walk into the neighboring houses and make friends with other children from your school. You don't necessarily have to be friends with everyone - maybe you won't like some of them. Sometimes it can even get to fighting, but don't worry - even if you die or someone else does (because battles can be quite brutal here), it will only last until the end of the day. In the morning, the dead character will be resurrected again!
Going to school comprises a good deal of the gameplay because that's where you can meet most of the characters. But if you feel like goofing off today, you can simply skip classes and wander around the city. Your hero even has a jetpack that is so fun to ride! Besides, there are plenty of locations you can visit - cafe, sushi bar, amusement park… The controls only include one swipe for moving and another swipe for choosing a certain action or answer in the dialogue. Just be careful what you're doing and saying because it all will affect the further development of the events! Start playing Sakura School Simulator online right now, plunge into the riveting teenage world that is full of twists and turns, enjoy your stay at the Sakura town and spend a lot of great hours here!


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