Game description:

In Ravenous, players are thrust into a dark and oppressive world as Louis, a child trapped in a hauntingly atmospheric Victorian basement by a terrifying monster. This psychological horror game challenges players to navigate through the gloomy corridors and rooms of the basement and to solve complex puzzles that are key to unraveling the disturbing history of the White family and securing his sister's freedom. The narrative is skillfully woven through the gameplay, with each solved puzzle bringing Louis one step closer to understanding the nightmare he and his sister are caught in.

A Multifaceted Gaming Experience 

Ravenous is crafted to offer an intense first-person experience, deeply engaging players in Louis's fraught journey through the use of detailed Victorian settings and a foreboding atmosphere that thickens with each advancing moment. The game supports various player preferences with controls adaptable for both keyboard and Xbox controllers, ensuring a seamless and engaging gameplay experience for all users. Additionally, Ravenous reaches a wide audience by offering language options in English, French, and Korean, making it accessible to an international community. The blend of challenging puzzles, a gripping storyline, and cinematic quality immerses players in a deeply interactive horror experience that tests their resolve and ability to piece together a family's dark past under dire circumstances.


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