New Home

Game description:

New Home is a deeply personal, narrative-focused game that examines themes of loneliness, healing, and unexpected friendship. Inspired by a viral claymation video featuring a lonely mouse, this game was developed by a 16-year-old creator and draws heavily on the emotional weight of solitude juxtaposed with the potential for redemption through companionship. Players enter a world steeped in a character's intense feelings of isolation and depression, only to discover a path toward emotional recovery with the help of a new, unlikely friend. This short game, intended to be played in under 15 minutes, uses its narrative to challenge players to confront and move beyond their past traumas to find solace and acceptance.

Immersive Experience and Emotional Journey

The game’s strength lies in its ability to create an immersive atmosphere with rich ambient sounds and a setting that resonates deeply with its themes. New Home is designed to be more than just a game; it’s an emotional experience that aims to resonate with players on a personal level. The soundscape and visual details are crafted to enhance the storytelling, making every moment in the game feel significant. As players navigate through the game, they engage with a storyline that offers a deep dive into themes of hope and friendship, encouraging a reflection on how unexpected relationships can profoundly affect one’s life. Each element of New Home, from the gameplay mechanics to the background score "New Home" by Austin Farwell, works synergistically to create a poignant exploration of finding a new beginning in the comfort of newfound connections.


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