Slide in the Woods

Game description:

Slide in the Woods transforms an everyday childhood joy into a gripping encounter with the unknown. The game starts in a serene forest, centered around a solitary slide, offering players a nostalgic slice of simplicity. Initially, the game invites players to relive youthful adventures, sliding down repeatedly amidst the calm of a sunny day. However, as evening approaches, the scene shifts dramatically. The forest and the slide, once symbols of innocence and fun, morph into harbingers of a dark, intense experience as night descends.

Survival Under the Stars 

With the fall of night, the game’s true nature is revealed. Players must find a flashlight to navigate the encroaching darkness that transforms the playful slide into a conduit for fear and suspense. As they climb and descend the slide in the pitch black, players encounter various mysterious and frightful events. Each journey down the slide is a physical descent and a plunge into deeper layers of horror, with every trip revealing disturbing elements that challenge the player’s bravery and quick thinking. The simple act of sliding, once carefree, becomes a repetitive venture into a deeper, darker part of the forest that seems alive with malevolent forces. This cycle tests the players' ability to adapt to escalating terror while trying to piece together the eerie anomalies surrounding the slide. Each slide down intensifies the mystery, driving players to either uncover the truth or succumb to the overwhelming fear.


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