Ruby's Vitten Party

Game description:

At Ruby's Vitten Party, you are invited to step into an animated and meticulously organized event hosted by Ruby, a character who delights in both hospitality and strict adherence to her own set of playful yet rigid rules. The game begins with an enticing invitation to join a party unlike any other, celebrating the arrival of a new Vitten at Ruby's residence. To gain entry, players must navigate a series of creative challenges crafted by Ruby, each designed to test their ability to listen, adapt, and follow precise instructions under varying degrees of pressure.

Challenges and Gameplay Dynamics 

In this game, securing your place as a guest is just the beginning. As you move through Ruby's vibrant house, you interact with the environment and other partygoers through a combination of simple controls: walking, running when necessary, and interacting with objects and characters. A distinctive aspect of Ruby’s party is the heart rate monitor that each guest must wear. This device plays a critical role in the gameplay; it measures your physiological response to the party’s excitement and tension. Keeping your heart rate within a safe range is essential, as spikes could lead to penalties or even ejection from the party, underscoring the importance of calmness and precision in your actions.


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