Game description:

Fervent is a concise horror game designed to resemble the grainy aesthetic of VHS films. Players assume the role of a paranormal investigator delving into the secluded Fervent Campsite. This setting is rife with enigmatic obelisks adorned with cryptic symbols, desolate white tents, and a disconcerting ritual book. The game is designed to be completed in approximately 10 minutes, offering a swift yet immersive experience.

Gameplay Dynamics 

The controls are straightforward: W, A, S, D keys enable movement, the left mouse button is used for interactions, and the SHIFT key allows for sprinting, although its usage is limited. This limitation necessitates strategic movement through the campsite, adding a layer of challenge to the exploration.

Developer's Insights

The inspiration for Fervent comes from "The House In The Woods" among other similar VHS-style horror games. The development team extends their gratitude to all players and supporters, with special thanks to "Glitched Velocity" for their contributions to the screen effects and Pulade, a fellow game developer who assisted with the sprinting mechanics. Their contributions have been instrumental in bringing this eerie adventure to life.


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